April 15th, 2003

sim jess

debate debate debate

hm... finish final fantasy x (finally) or go biking......
tough call. maybe i'll just open the window by my chair and go biking tomorrow. after all, biking requires me to get the bike roadworthy. it has probably negative air in the tires.

i procrastinated going to sleep last night. i cleaned my desk. how lame is that?

i have been sort of working on new icons. we'll see.

crap. my foot is asleep. ow ow ow. itaaaaaaaaaaai yo!
sim jess

i beat ffx!

so the game was on pause for... hm... 6 hours? while i had to go to work. silly me, thought i would have enough time. but no, they had to keep throwing in extra battles. feh. let me just say that free auto-life is a Very Good Thing.

hm, so is zombieing someone who basically has regen. sw33t.

i am very sleepy, and tomorrow i have to call about an interview. but that doesn't keep me from not going to sleep.
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