April 23rd, 2003

sim jess

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so apparently the store has been mad busy this week so much so, that i actually got called in when i was on call! and i got called in early, to boot! and today i'm going in 2 hours early, and tomorrow i'm going in for 6 extra hours. woo for getting paid.

cat sneezes are so pathetic. and now she's messed up my venetian blinds. ho.

daily warcraft update:
i beat chapter 6. it took me an hour and a half, but i did it. maybe next time i'll actually go around and kick all the orcs' asses. heh. i just enjoy building up my army to the point where i physically cannot build any more ziggurats to support them.

last night at work sarah donated a piece of matzo pizza (it was really good!) to the "jess is starving and broke" fund. the clam chowder i brought in just wasn't cutting it.

if i ever get money, i am considering getting a cartilage piercing in one of my ears. i have actually been doing research and found a good place out in hawthorne. is called pleasurable piercings.