April 28th, 2003

sim jess

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somewhere in this room is a bag from suncoast with roger rabbit in it. i need to find it. feh.

ok, i found it. now i can watch it while i'm waiting for jeffry-ho to get back.

my absolute favorite part of the movie is eddie's dance at the end. :)
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sim jess

i love roger's song and dance too

myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy buddy's eddie v
a sourpuss is he
but when i'm done
he'll be such fun
and a joker he will be

woah, it's a limerick.

and then the ending:
i love to raise some cain
believe me it's no strain
it feels so great
to smash a plate
and look, there is no pain! (crash)
no pain! (crash)
no pain! (crash)
no pain! (crash)
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