April 29th, 2003

sim jess

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what did i do today? a whole lot of nothing. i left the house only to take the cat for a walk. woo. she had a good time chewing on grass. i have a weird cat.

surprisingly, i did not play warcraft at all, nor have i for several days. i was too busy watching three hours straight of VH1's I <3 the 80s. I saw 2 eps i have never seen before- 81 and 89. i think i have seen them all now.

i also played with beads all day. wee.

hm. broadband would quite kick ass. is it worth doubling my bill? is definitely worth being able to receive incoming calls, tho.

god, being sore makes me very tired.

i have another interview tomorrow. i had one yesterday, at the end they said to me "good job." :-D
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