May 22nd, 2003

sim jess

what is the matrix?

i still think that danimal looks like neo.

yes, i am way behind the times. i am rewatching the matrix so i can go see matrix reloaded. the agents are all hos. did you ever notice that they look like mib's, and the main agents names are jones and smith? just like the will smith and tommy lee jones? makes you think, don't it?

how can you call, mr. anderson, when you cannot...... speak?
i hate that scene.

aww, look at the sleepy kitty.

trinity needs to straighten out her priorities. she's here, professing her love, and the machines have breached the hull.

you know, keanu reeves is very good at looking confused.

what else do you need?
guns. lots of guns.

ok, so is there a rule that in order to jack into the matrix, you have to wear all black?