July 13th, 2003

sim jess

hey, jess, you just survived a 2-hour drive from san diego to LA! What are you going to do now?

I'm going to disneyland!

of course, that's past tense now.

Friday Afternoon

My flight from Chicago to San Diego was utterly uneventful. Except for my movie was Chicago. How fitting. It was quite badly edited for broadcast though.....

"Single my EYE....."
And how come Roxie can say "son of a bitch" a million times, but amos has to say "gosh-darn" instead of "goddamn"?

i got to San Diego, where jeffry magically appeared and entertained me while i got my luggage. we went on a driving tour of downtown san diego, got jamba juice, then proceeded to the movies to finally see "Finding Nemo".....

all i have to say about that is: I wish I could speak whale.

then jeffry and i went back to his place and made yummy chicken burritos for (very late) dinner, prompting his roommate to comment that we spent a lot of time in the kitchen. we were there for almost 2 hours, between cooking and eating.


Saturday morning, we got up pretty darned early, because we had to be up in LA to get Rachel. Why? did you even read the title? we were going to disneyland! and i had very strict orders to pick up special build-a-bear outfits from the store in downtown disney. you can only get the outfits there! so i have a special present for Ruthie now. :)

Disney is far too expensive. $47! damn.

but we had a good time. i am, of course, a little bit crispy. my feet are still a little bit sore (i think i bruised the soles).

what did we ride... hm...
pirates of the caribbean
the congo raft tour thingy
haunted mansion
the train :)
teacups (twice)
thunder mountain
indiana jones (so good!)
we played dance dance revolution in Innoventions
we shunned "small world"

oh yeah, i met the first sarcastic disney employee ever. our tour guide on the congo tour was named chad, and he was hilarious. he said that if anyone forgot small children on the boat, he was going to glue their feet to the ground in small world and make them sing that revolting song. :)

i filmed our first ride on the teacups, as well as most of the fireworks. i <3 my digicam.

we finally died and went back to LMU to sleep in RADS's room. well, we had cake first. we had carefully transported half of a cake layer (jeffry made his own birthday cake) with blue cream cheese icing to rachel's refrigerator. then we passed out.

Sunday, sunday sunday!
pack pack pack
shower shower shower
cake cake cake (leftovers)

manhattan beach for peet's coffee
santa monica (in the summertime) for thai food just off the promenade, then barnes and noble (like i needed more books, but i got the harry potter textbook gift set, wee), and finally jamba juice. i was heartbroken, the anime store is no longer there. i hope they just moved and didn't close :(

after santa monica:
drive drive drive
back to san diego to my aunt and uncle's house, after only a few adventures, such as best buy for Princess Bride (me) and Shrek (jeffry), and loop-the-looping to get fresh strawberries as a present, or doubling back because our directions forgot to tell us to make a turn. there are apparently 21 streets in this area that start with the word Carmel, by the way. But I am now plugged into cable internet. sw33tn3$$.

I am really tired.

but first, this public service announcement:

care of magical creatures
You excel at Care of Magical Creatures. You must
have a thing for those cute furry things...or
big scaley things...or scary firebreathing many
teethed things...

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