July 21st, 2003

sim jess

i am bored.

that so ought to have an icon......

so i had an interview already this morning. w33. and now I am sitting in starbucks, where i have been since... lemme check... 9:43. and it is now 10:59. i was originally just killing time until mitsuwa opened, but now i have hung around long enough to have lunch. i mean, i have nowhere to be until 2.

i had iPhoto export a nifty (well, not so nifty) webpage of comic-con photos. wee. They will be prettified later on. Please note that all of the pix on the main page are, in fact, thumbnails, and you can click on them to see bigger pictures. w33.

random fact that i imed jeffry with last night:
of the 13 comics that i currently read on a regular basis, i met the creative teams behind 6 of them. not bad, right?

i almost forgot. tomorrow is a good/bad day for cds. good because there are 2 cds i want. bad because there are 2 cds i want.
1) Eve6
2) Pirates. Arr!
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