July 24th, 2003

sim jess


there is a great deal of asshattery going on at verizon home services. our phone is broken again. you think they'd have done something to keep that from happening, since it's been only a month since it died last time. gr. so i am sitting in starbucks with a tazo passion shaken iced tea, and i won't be able to get online tonight. fierceness at it's best (worst?). of course, i am closing tonight, so starbucks will be closed by the time i get out. :(

at least i have good timing. there are now approximately 243,223 people on line for their drinks.


ok, they're all gone now
but there are 3 mini-dogs outside. cuteness!
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sim jess

[finger waggle a la mr. burns] eeeexcellent

jess just found out that borders in livingston has a tmobile wi-fi connection. i am SO there after work. they're open till 11. so if you really wanted to see me, i'll be online till
1) they kick me out
2) my battery dies


oh yes, and the new borders on broadway (where neil gaiman is going to be- have i beat this into your heads enough yet?) also has a t-mobile connection. woot.

pfeh, gots to go to work now. oh well.
sim jess


so some guy just commented, sotto voce to his chickie as he walked by, that he thought i had a really sw33t laptop. i feel so 1447. it's better than 1337. :)

phone is still broke. phone is NOT 1337. phone is |_4|\/|3. yup. definitely.

why does borders always have to be having the "buy 3 get one free" sale when i'm there?
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