July 25th, 2003

sim jess

what happened to the rest of her?

i think i'm scaring the people in starbucks. i'm lip synching to music only i can hear.

i finally got smart (shut up, jeffry) and brought my power cord with me. w33.

so. um. coffee at 10 PM makes jess stay up until 2. so jess was up until 2, watching discovery channel reruns (woot for new detectives and secrets of forensic science) and definitely NOT playing everquest, where she would rather have been. and this morning jess got up at 11. she sat around the house and watched sailor moon season one in dvd (subtitles, woot) and painted, and now her hand is sore. pfeh.

mom and i went out for dinner. i had spaghetti bolognese. we have lots of leftovers.

she tests me
like scantron

i <3 ev3 6.

god, this comic is so true!
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