August 12th, 2003

sim jess

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wow, i'm boring. i stayed at home today. slept all morning, played far too much everquest (my characters are now both level 10). watched futurama on dvd. cooked pizza for dinner. played more everquest. did laundry. started to straighten up my room. finally got rid of my bottle "collection." wee. and i have off again tomorrow. i may have to go somewhere just to get out of the house.

oh yeah, how's this for sucky weather? according to nbc, central park has had measurable rainfall for the last 11 days. dunno if they got rain today(monday) or not, but we did, making 12 days straight. isn't that ironic? last year was one of the dryest augusts ever, now we are in constant flood watch. at least it means i don't have to mow the lawn, since it's too wet out.
sim jess

weird kitty

julie is currently giving a plastic bag a bath. it is very loud.

now she's giving a garbage bag a bath. oy.

then she started gnawing on it. i yelled at her, and she quit, looking very guilty. so the bags are now safe again from kitty harassment.