September 23rd, 2003

sim jess

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i cadt breath

stupid cold

but i finally have a login for the computers at school. wee. they didn't notice me. and yet, they have been sending me email, apparently. even though my account didn't exist... weeeeeird.

and i got my books yesterday. w00t for 3-8 day shipping that comes within 2 days of being shipped.
sim jess


caffeinated SO should have an icon.

problem is that i didn't want caffeinated. because i want to go to sleep at a decent hour. doh.

starbucks is freeeeeeeezing. as usual.

ok, it only took me 3 tries, but i finally figured out my login for rutgers' admission page.

jess's random fact of the day: there was a very short while when everyone in the store had a computer. i was amused.

wooo, new vertical horizon album. and the monkey song! (another postcard with chimpanzeeeeeees)
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