January 4th, 2004

sim jess

some people just should not be allowed to have children

today at the store, someone pointed out to me a 2 year old kid who was running around wreaking havoc. we looked around and tried to figure out who he was with. we had no clue. then, all of a sudden, a yuppie mom yells out "CHARLIE? WHERE ARE YOU CHARLIE?" I mean, shouts. which is fairly impressive, since she was louder than everyone else in build a bear.
so she's spending all of her time with her 10 year old daughter, while charlie runs rampant around the store. she apparently was too lazy to carry her things around with her, so we had to put them all up on our back counter at the registers in a big bag for her. (remember- noone else in the store was too lazy to carry their own belongings...) Finally, she starts bringing things up and leaving them at the register. without saying a word to me. this did, i should mention, confuse the hell out of some other cashiers, who had no idea where this pile of stuff came from.
she FINALLY comes up to the register (and i have to ring her up... gr... i'd practically told the floor leader i didn't want to because of the way she was neglecting her son), with all of her stuff, and that goes all right. except for when she ignores me as i'm trying to explain something to her and talks to her daughter. pfeh. so as she leaves with the kids, charlie is lagging behind. she wanders away, and he is still running his little 2-year-old steps trying to keep up. she must have had NO CLUE where that poor kid was. peggy, who is a mom herself, commented to me that she "must have enjoyed the baby-making process, but didn't like the results". pfeh.
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