January 19th, 2004

sim jess

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heh, i think i've seen this one before.

go TMBG!
Your Life: The Movie by mintyduck
Who will play you:Salma Hayek
Who will play your love interest:Alyson Hannigan
Weeks you will stay in the box office:24
Song that will play during your love scene:Wilco - Box Full of Letters
Song that will play during your death:They Might Be Giants - Dead
Your name:
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got to spend a few quality hours at the store tonight. apparently right before they called me in, the line went all the way to the back of the store. that's a long way.

bought stuff at target. i plan to clean the dashboard and inner windows in the car. wee.

oh, i also watched vol. 1 of the FOTR:EE today. i am highly amused by the "concerning hobbits" segment. :)