February 11th, 2004

sim jess

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Ok, i suppose the music requires an explanation. Love Frozensong is the EQ character of my guild leader. I belong to the Frozen Poets of Velious. Love is a bard, and he is a musician in real life. Ergo, it makes perfect sense for him to be writing songs about EQ. Or maybe we're all just total major geeks...... yeah, I think that might be it...

I've been mentally putting together a superhero playlist. any suggestions? I'm thinking of Kryptonite, Superman (5 for fighting), Hero from Spiderman, Where I Belong (DMB), Kissed by a Rose.

I really should go get real food eventually. I went straight from school to starbucks. I was hoping they were gonna have fruit salad (they do occasionally), but no such luck. so all i've had for lunch is a grande white mocha and a piece of coffee cake. yummy, but not the most nutritious.

OK, and it might be a bad sign when the signal inside starbucks isn't working, and i'm actually sneaking on someone else's wireless bandwidth......
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    Captain Bosec's Lament - Love Frozensong