March 18th, 2004

Death of rats

a valiant attempt, jeffry :)

i got my birthday present today. of course, i have no idea how, since you addressed it to #5, and I live at #9. i guess they just figured that since there is no #1, 3, or 5, it must be for me. :-D

I also like how honest you were on the customs form. very cute. :) i knew exactly what it was, but not what color. :-D

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ok, mother nature. i have 2 options for you.
1) stop smoking crack
2) share
which one's it gonna be?

i am sick of snow. unless it's a decent amount of snow tonight which causes us to have a snow day. then it's ok.
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sim jess

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something that's been bothering me. yesterday, i bought arm and hammer kitty litter. there is a label on the top of the box:
Safe for use around pets.

My only response was: I damn well hope so. Who else is gonna be using it?