April 19th, 2004

sim jess

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stuff i meant to post yesterday but forgot:

jeffry (and any other excel saga fans): Puni Puni Poemy (as advertised during excel saga) is currently available on dvd. :-D

Also: Invader Zim is coming out on dvd next month.

and then the short version of ROTK is due out 5/23, i think it is... and there's an update to ffxi on wednesday... life is good.

how odd, though. i have one of my kids (he has physical issues) again. had him 2nd marking period, now he's back. hm.
sim jess

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*dies of happiness*

via weather.com:
Current temperature: 88 degrees
Feels like: 87 degrees

if i were at umass, i would SO be on the hill right now.

alas, tomorrow it's only supposed to be 67, though. :(
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