May 16th, 2004

sim jess

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my brother is insane.

Friday morning, after 4 hours of sleep, he took his last final exam for the year. then, he drove home. He arrived home at 6 AM today. Think about it. He left at 1 PM our time on Friday. And arrived at 6 today. He didn't stop. Rick said that by the end, he was seeing little purple hippos in hula skirts on the dashboard, and bushes were jumping out at him.............

so now, of course, he's out with his friends. go figure.

***Edited because I'm an idiot***

Rick goes to school at the University of Idaho. In Idaho. So he drove 3000 miles in 41 hours. Oh, and he corrected me. They were pink hippos in purple sweaters, and road signs were fighting in the middle of the road.