May 25th, 2004

sim jess

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i feel guilty about my rants yesterday.

got a phone call this morning. "it's rick. call me back."

Rick's my brother. He's in the marine reserves.

Well, not any more, he isn't.

His unit's been called up.

He knows nothing.

sim jess

(no subject)

I feel like i'm back at the Green Dragon after a hard day's work.
You've never done a hard day's work.

so got home, took Rick to the mall to pick up ROTK, then ate lunch at KFC. woo, fancy...

sat around and talked all afternoon till mom got home, then went out for dinner. now he's out with his friends, and i'm watching ROTK and playing games online. :-/

palantiri are really just bowling balls, aren't they?
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