January 31st, 2005

sim jess

Jess's travelogue in which she says nothing much at all.

1/30 7:30 PM

I have concluded that the average customer at the Apple Store failed kindergarten. -_- These people are utterly incapable of matching colors and shapes. They take things off of pegs, and fail to put them back in their proper place. They hang them back up, but hang them on the wrong peg. Seriously, if you're going to try, just try that teensy bit harder.

Ugh, i was so pissed off at humanity today at the store.
On the other hand, I got my business cards. Yay. I'm somewhat official. However, I haven't been trained yet. >_>

And my grandma is so cute. I'm staying at her house tonight because tomorrow I have an interview down south-ish Jersey. Her house is much closer, so yay. I only have a 1-hour drive instead of 90 min. Yay.

I had an interview 2 weeks ago, and they haven't gotten back to me yet. Gr.

I've decided to start studying HTML so I know exactly what's going on with my web site. Of course, I have to update it, too.

1/30 11:36 PM

I am entirely amused right now. I'm installing a copy of realMyst that I got in a multi-pack of old games. The file extension of most of the game files is .dni. Yay. ^___^

1/31 12:35 PM

You know, I forgot how much of a pain the very beginning of Myst is. Stupid not having any obvious tasks to complete. -_-

So last night, as I was attempting to go to bed, my computer decided to spaz on me. I plugged it in, and it told me that it would take 5:35 to charge, or some such nonsense. That's not normal. It takes, usually, if it's left alone, MAYBE 2 hours to get a full charge. So it spazzed, I spazzed, I kept checking on it, and the time kept getting longer.

I reset the PRAM, no response. Well, except the battery was fully charged, despite it having immediately previously said 6:42 until charged. O_o So today I had to look online to see how to reset the Power Management Unit (sounds like a magical thing... and it is.). Thus far, all better. I ran it off battery while I was just copying some things, and now, with a 94% full battery, it says it will be 0:22 until full. yay.