May 25th, 2005

sim jess


yay! my iMac still has the snickers commercials on it.

Hey, Franklin, what do you want more than anything else in the whole world?
I'd like to go to lunch!
Me too. I bet some coworkers of mine'd like to have lunch with you.
I bet they would. I'm so pretty. I'm so pretty. Watch this! Pretty pretty dancing! Pretty pretty dancing!
You can see all this and more at lunch!
(Not going anywhere for awhile? Grab a snickers.)

You know what a panda has for lunch? Yeah, they have bamboo.

Psst... Vote for me. My dad was president.

My dad and I wear the same pants.
I invented pants.

the original Zero Wing movie. Not the techno remix, unfortunately. I'ma have to post these to my website later on.