October 26th, 2005

sim jess

Yaaaaaay.. sort of. Not back for real yet.

October 23, 2005 12:22 PM
Lack of Internet:

Yes. I was expecting this to happen eventually. As an eventual result of the phone sucking around here, our DSL has finally cut out. So now I’m internetless for a bit. ; ;

On the other hand, I finally finished my project in order to be raised at one of my RP sites.......

I just finished making a really nifty hat. I likes it. It’s teal and brown stripes, but not circular stripes, up and down stripes. I’ll post pix eventually... I need to recharge my camera. It’s mostly dead. I know my PSP is definitely dead... but I am just lazy.

October 24, 2005 10:00 PM

OK, how damn many “I Love the Insert Decade Here” seriesssess can VH1 make?

I’ve got I <3 the 80s 3D 1981 on right now... Finally, they’ve gotten to what we want to see! You Can’t Do That On Television!!!! Huzzah!

Circus of the Stars looks like it may have been the worst TV show ever in the world... O_o

And no matter what, Michael Ian Black will always rock.

I finally finished #6 in the big-ass series I’m reading today... (Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan...) Only 5 more to go... well, then I just have to wait for RJ to finish writing the last one in the series... >_>

So today I got my FFXI updated, at least. Took almost an hour over this connection. An hour for 5 files. Pitiful. Of course, most of it was the PS2 checking the files, but then after it was done, I couldn’t get in to play ; ; I think my connection usually dies around 7:30. Very sad. :(

Also, while I’m thinking of it. Check out the new iPod ad and the new iTunes ad, featuring Eminem.

October 26, 2005 9:32 AM

The Muppets are getting their own reality show on ABC... >_>

I’m bored. I’m waiting for the phone repair guy to get here, then I’m going back to sleep. Yes, even if he doesn’t come till 2 o’clock. He’s scheduled to be here between 8-12, but you know with them.

Reason I’m so tired is that last night I did an overnight at work. We were resetting the planogram- putting out new computers, changing the window display, etc. So now I sleepy. Got to bed around 3, and then I had to be up ~7:30 to make sure I’d be up and about by 8, just in case. *sigh*
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LOST cursor


Elmo learns a new lesson: H is for Handcuffs.

OMG, Neil Gaiman is my hero.

In regards to amazon.com listing the DVD release of Mirrormask in 2025:
Twenty years seems a long way away, but Sony are probably just scheduling it that far off because during the Great iPod Content Uprising Years of 2013-2024 people aren't going to have much time for things like actually watching films, what with gathering together in places where the iPodPeople can't get them and shooting them in the brain and all that stuff, and it's only after the Man-Droid-iPod Peace Treaties of 2024 that anyone gets back to the serious business bringing out DVDs of long-forgotten movies.
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