February 7th, 2006

juliecat cute and fluffy

Oh, the pitifulness...

Poor, poor Juliecat.

Julie got her shots yesterday.
I wasn't able to go with her, I was working, so Dad took her to the clinic to have it done.

Julie had a reaction last time they gave her her shots.
She's having one again.
She gets really mopey, sluggish and just walks everywhere, as opposed to her normal galumphing gallop around the house. Her bum is also apparently sore, as is evidenced by her current inability to make her normal flying leaps. (She can normally spring about 5 feet straight upward.) She attempts to jump, but only goes a couple of inches, then looks at you pitifully and meows until you pick her up and put her on your lap. >_> No, she's not spoiled at all...

And I have to pay attention and follow her around tomorrow... I'm supposed to get a stool sample. But it has to be fresh- no more than 15 minutes old. O_-
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