April 17th, 2006

sim jess


*poing poing poing*

Yeah, too bad I just realized they screwed up on the freaking "welcome kit". Verizon forgot to include 1) filters for the phone lines and 2) a splitter for the phone. Hells, that's easy enough, but still, no 1) filters is just a pain in the butt. -_-

Ooh, time to go get my baby online. >_> I'ma have to post pictures of him.
sim jess

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I almost forgot the best news of the day.

I was offered, and accepted, a full-time position with Fruit-based Computer. Meaning that I will get full benefits (yay! I need glasses!), guaranteed 40 hours a week, and (boo) more responsibility in the store. *sigh*

I promised to post this about half an hour ago:
Meet Max.
Max the Mini
He's a Mac Mini. But one of the G4 ones, not an Intel. Those scare me, and the Airport in them sucks. They crash on a regular basis. >_> But I didn't say that. *nodnod*