December 25th, 2006

I has a flavor

Merry Christmas.

So. We celebrated Christmas today. My parents and my brother were all here. :D There was a lack of drama. \o/

I cooked the turkey for dinner. I used Alton Brown's recipe (see for information), and it turned out well.

I made most of the presents that I gave. My grandmother was the recipient of felted slippers. I have yet to sync up my camera with pictures for any of these, btw. Mom got a pair of blue lacy socks. Which are too big. :| I'm going to redo the toes a half-inch shorter so they fit. Um. I owe Rick and Dad better gifts. I've got a scarf in progress for Dad, but my brain was refusing to work on it, so to the side burner it went. *shrug* Pretty blue and orange yarn was so much more interesting than plain white cabling.

I had discovered the bombdiggity wishlist site that allows you to include items from all over the intarwebs, and I'm glad to say that it worked splendidly. :D I got most of the things I asked for. :D :D
DVD-wise, I received Cars, Pirates 2, Over the Hedge, and Ice Age. (What? I'm not allowed to get all kids' movies?)
I got a set of awesome knitting bags- 3 bags and a purse, and a chart keeper \o/ (yes, I know I'm a dork :P)
I got new jammies from mom, which are very snuggly. Also, they may have the perfect pajama pants. All through college, I had a thing for 1) fuzzy items, or 2) shiny items. These pants are both fuzzy and shiny. :| I guess, in Firefly terminology, then they are truly "shiny." *nodnod*
I got Great Big Sea's new live CD/DVD set. Woot.
I got 2 splendiferous knitting books, which my mom has threatened to borrow from me :| and Pratchett's latest Tiffany Aching book, Wintersmith.
Grandma also gave me a pair of pajama pants, with kitties on them. :D
Rick's presents for everyone were confiscated by the TSA. How hilarious is that? If/when I get around to it, I'll set up my scanner and post the notification he got. Since he left a copy of the sheet on the floor, that is.

I am wearing today a pair of socks that I made. I got the yarn at the Stitching Bee in Madison, NJ- it's Regia Silk if anyone cares- mostly superwash wool, but with a significant percentage of silk in it. They are pink and blue and purple and white and gray and checks. I'll post pics. Dammit, I just realized I don't think I took pictures before I wore them. *sigh* I have to do laundry tomorrow night anyway.

Tomorrow begins the annual "return season", for which I am not excited at all.
On the other hand, I have off on Tuesday cause I'm working on New Year's Eve and Day. I'm going to go out to Pennsylvania and visit my parents in their new house (which is 99% completed) and see the kitties! *dances for joy*

Oh. And I'm going to Frederick on Wednesday for the traditional Boxing Day Shopping, which is increasingly frequently not really occurring on Boxing Day. Yeah, that would be because I work in retail.
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