February 3rd, 2007

sim jess

On Vox: Thoughts

As we all know, my birthday was January 25th.

Or we all know, now. :P

But my friend Jeffry sent me a phenomenal present- a pound of Peet's Viennese Blend coffee. Whole beans.
Oh. Of course, I didn't have a coffee grinder. Well, and I didn't want to have to share my coffee with my grandmother- she makes it very weak- so when I bought my grinder, I also got a french press. I love that my french press is actually the brazilian style one, and it was made in Germany. *rofl* Also, the information says that this is the three-cup size. It fills my big coffee cup just about perfectly......

It took a lot of work to make the coffee, and then I made a big mess emptying the grounds out, but the resulting coffee is quite nice.
I should actually try it without the flavored creamer, just plain milk.

Also, one of the guys at work, Jody, makes pens as a hobby. He has a woodlathe, and buys pre-sized blanks, which he then shapes and puts together. I got a lovely fountain pen from him last week. I have yet to actually try the pen out, but that's because I just bought the ink for it today.

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