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quoted from my final email from my online class professor:
"..hold related to the domain...." that phrase even helped me get a better understanding of generative processes.  Letting the students participate in the rule making is really a keen idea.  Your lesson demonstrates a real understanding of the model components..all in all you did an excellent job in this course.  I will forward an A to TEI for your effort and will allways look for your name on future class rolls...bye.

this totally just made my day :) which i think is good, since the rest of the day sucked.

ah. yes. i'm going to atlantic city on thursday with my grandmother. wee. she's such a gambler, it's funny. but i get to drive her '03 malibu, and i get free food out of it. :-D

vacation is sweet.

heh. yesterday i was watching the food network, and Good Eats was on. the episode was all about garlic. so for dinner tomorrow, i'm making a dish called "40 cloves and a chicken." yes, 40 cloves of garlic. :-D

wow. annie the ferret has been chugging on her water bottle. thirsty ferret, i guess.

bear the hamster isn't doing well... he's probably not gonna last too much longer. :(

hm. almost 2. i should probably go to sleep.

strike that. it's almost quarter after 2.


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Apr. 15th, 2004 07:38 am (UTC)
good for you on the grade! Congrats!
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