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What kind of superhero will you be?
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Power telepathy/telekenisis
Number of people you save a day 89
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aww yeah.

my day went better. had a meeting before school with my mentor. School's almost over. But i need a full-time job for next year.

FFXI was highly unproductive this weekend. I was stuck at 17 all weekend, since I kept partying with idiots who got us all killed, or couldn't get a party together, or had to leave before we did anything. meh. And i still need a magicked skull so I can get my sub-job.

i got a new antenna for the car, as well as one of those dent-popping kit thingies, so i can finally get the big-ass dent out of my car. *sigh* i'm gonna miss it... had it since '98.

depending on which bank i believe, the temperature outside is either 89 or 92.

lieutfaber may actually be a spider-human hybrid


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