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final thoughts

freshman year-
pulling up to paterson for band camp and my mom asking me if i was sure i wanted to go, because the greeters were very, very, very scary - tatonka! - detail, atten-HEIT! - yeah tubas! - yeah, yeah! - wet wool uniforms smell like wet sheep - giving out ponchos is really useless after the band is already soaked - if you put buses in the mud, they will get stuck - sudler banquet - SORRY TENNESSEE! - donna is a psycho - RSFA - taking the bus to the spring semi

sophomore year-
ghetto mall, ghetto mall! - la gallina esta azul! - tuba tuxes - true stories from the aspca - driving to connecticut to go see the tigger movie because there's no movie theater here - trivial pursuit and mst3k nights till 1 am - traveling matt - mission improv - random excursions to vermont - japan

junior year-
traveling matt - mission improv - inauguration - tooling around dc - getting up at 4 AM for inauguration... - random bus trips to maine after the UNH game - snow in maine - mc-ing - out of control-ness - TBS - lunch crew- dear god- we need the whole table! - story time - bowl day (hic) - group breakfasts - camp louise

senior year-
sparkly slashes (only once) - oh yeah, new uniforms - euph-oria - senior day - remember, there is actually no breakfast at the champagne breakfast - juuuuuulie - mission improv- again! - traveling matt, traveling matt, traveling matt - the apartment - actually getting my shingle - convention - BOA - random excursions to vermont - being a tbs alumna - graduation - ?


May. 24th, 2002 08:12 pm (UTC)
commentary of sorts
You know, I snuck by the greeters when I got here for my first band camp. Yeah BOA. OUr lunch crew absolutely ruled.