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final thoughts

freshman year-
pulling up to paterson for band camp and my mom asking me if i was sure i wanted to go, because the greeters were very, very, very scary - tatonka! - detail, atten-HEIT! - yeah tubas! - yeah, yeah! - wet wool uniforms smell like wet sheep - giving out ponchos is really useless after the band is already soaked - if you put buses in the mud, they will get stuck - sudler banquet - SORRY TENNESSEE! - donna is a psycho - RSFA - taking the bus to the spring semi

sophomore year-
ghetto mall, ghetto mall! - la gallina esta azul! - tuba tuxes - true stories from the aspca - driving to connecticut to go see the tigger movie because there's no movie theater here - trivial pursuit and mst3k nights till 1 am - traveling matt - mission improv - random excursions to vermont - japan

junior year-
traveling matt - mission improv - inauguration - tooling around dc - getting up at 4 AM for inauguration... - random bus trips to maine after the UNH game - snow in maine - mc-ing - out of control-ness - TBS - lunch crew- dear god- we need the whole table! - story time - bowl day (hic) - group breakfasts - camp louise

senior year-
sparkly slashes (only once) - oh yeah, new uniforms - euph-oria - senior day - remember, there is actually no breakfast at the champagne breakfast - juuuuuulie - mission improv- again! - traveling matt, traveling matt, traveling matt - the apartment - actually getting my shingle - convention - BOA - random excursions to vermont - being a tbs alumna - graduation - ?


May. 26th, 2002 08:00 pm (UTC)
wow no mention of PCCO. (except for Donna being crazy). im so cool. I like My Way. Actually there's this strange movie called Swallowtail Butterfly, and it has the Japanese singer Chara in it. But she plays this Prostitute from Singapore that wants to be a pop singer in Japan. Anyway.. the plot really is that someone made this tape of Frank Sinatra's My Way, and like encoded it with the thing that tells the machines the difference between 1000 yen and 10000. so they make all these 1000 bills that are read through change machines as 10000. She gets rich and buys this club then gets all famous. (her stage name is Glico, the japanese candy company, because "japanese business men love to eat Glico") but the tape was part of the yakuza so of course now the yakuza is after them.. blah blah.. why did i go into this.. oh yeah.. My Way's cool. even when Sid Vicious covers it. heh... now im done.. yeah.. done...