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how odd. maps at weather.com say that it is theoretically raining RIGHT NOW, but I don't hear a thing. hm.

Jeffry, I got the first of the packages today.
"We've sent this portion of your order separately at no extra charge to give you the speediest service possible. The other items in your order are shipping separately, and your total shipping charges for this order will not exceed the amount we originally promised."

In other words, amazon did something nice! just because they could!!!

oh. yes. I also updated my webpage. please please please remember, it is a work in progress, so not all of the links are actually functional yet......


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Aug. 4th, 2004 08:13 pm (UTC)
SW33T! I'm going to add an order for Frozen Throne, since I lost my old CD key, and it'd cost me too much to just get that replaced.

I know, stupid, huh?
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