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I'm actually kinda proud of New Jersey right now. I mean, we may not have known it, but we elected a gay governor. Ok, and he's resigning as of November because he was in an extramarital gay affair, but still! He came out! *sigh* Supposedly he's leaving office because his secrets "ruin the integrity of the office." I have more trouble with the affair bit, I guess. But still, married with kids... coming out of closet. I guess that's a problem. :-/ Well, to all the staunch Republicans in the state, anyway.

Jeffry, I think I'm only waiting for 1 more package... havent' gotten your bag yet. I am waiting for that, right?


Aug. 12th, 2004 04:09 pm (UTC)
Like whoa. Who knew (besides, apparently his boyfriend)?


Well, if you want to ship what you have now and get that stuff here sooner, great. If you want me to be paying less in postage, I just bugged the company I ordered from and they said the bag I ordered should be shipping in about 2-3 days. They had to get it in stock first.

I know, annoying, isn't it?

Take your pick.