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*Jedi mind trick* This is not the post you're looking for. */Jedi mind trick*

Which movie? by travel_crazy
Favourite colour
You belong in
And your co-star should becloverblossom
Quiz created with MemeGen!

apparently, jeffry is not invited to the bar that is me.
If LJ Was a Bar by Karen_Walker
Dancing Badlyfshkwrites
Playing Pooletoilepb
Playing Dartsjiggajeff
Singing Karaokehellokitty1181
Got in with a Fake IDcaroljoy
Guy with a Mulletmyung
Too Drunk to Standladybugus
Hitting on Everyonemajorfaber
Hot Chickzgirl1982
Quiz created with MemeGen!

but it seems that my alter-ego, majorfaber is a skanky ho... Hitting on everyone in my bar, the hot chick in jeffry's...

Your LJ Pirate Quest by rachelthedemon
Favorite Color
Your First Matedavitant
Your Cabin Boy/Girlzgirl1982
Your Bodyguarddbingham
The Bad Guy/Girlaltorose
Your Obligatory Love Interesttheroff97
The Fanservicey Onecloverblossom
Your Coveted TreasureBEER!
Number of people you kill to get it70,152
Number of times you get laid afterward940
Quiz created with MemeGen!

awww, jeffry's my first mate. but O_O roff is my love interest again? weeeeeird. also, woot for B33R! though, that is a lot of people to kill for b33r.

What Is Your Life Motto?
by mswickedgirlie
Your MottoI did it all for me.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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