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bored bored bored bored bored

darn... no zip drive in which to get floppy disks stuck...

augh... the simpsons is on now... one moment please. but.... colonel sherman potter is in the western that's on! i love M*A*S*H.

yesterday zoe came over to steal back her abstinence chair that i had been hiding since school got out last year. we went out to starbucks and had beverages. mmm...
so i lied. my room is going to be blue. but it's a DIFFERENT blue than the one it was. it's almost a turquoise, while it currently is baby blue. problem is, we can't do any painting until we get rid of my brother's bedroom furniture, and none of the charities in the area are responding. rah. i wanna move, dammit. my dad complains that the living room is a mess, but i don't have anywhere to put all the stuff until i have the bigger room.

spider-man commercial...

julie is a big ho. i took her outside on her new leash and harness today, and all day she has been bugging me to take her back outside. i say, no, you've already been out, and she says, meooooooow.


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May. 30th, 2002 10:56 am (UTC)
Hey Jess, it's Beth K, sorry I missed graduation...life interrupted. I have a graduation card for you if you want me to send it.
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