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mwahaha! bow down before the glory that is the potatoes icon!

i got it down to 17 frames, then had to fiddle with colors and other options in order to get the bugger under 40 kb. But I did, and it still looks decent!

I'm a very very happy apple geek right now. In august, I submitted my resume through the apple website, and had an interview the other day for the apple store in short hills. The manager likes me, and he's sending my paperwork to cupertino so they can do my background check. ^^ hurray!

and, in other geeky news, I've been leveling my white mage like it's nobody's business. As of Sunday the 17, I was lvl 20, now I'm 31. woo, go me. only 5 more levels until I can use the teleport spells and make a bajillion gil.


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Oct. 31st, 2004 04:39 am (UTC)
That icon absolutely rules!
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