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happy 2 days after turkey day, i suppose. well, mostly sorta 3 days, now.

i spent 8 hours working at apple today. kinda fun, actually. i did a bunch of stocking the shelves (4 hours...), then i had lunch, from there i was greeting for 2 hours, then i got to spend time helping people in the iPod mini section.
I have since learned about our benefits:
we get free .mac ($99 value). we get a free ipod (prolly a mini- $249). we get 10% or 25% off. O_O (i forget...)

i have to be back at work at 10. wee.

it's raining. stupid cold front making my knees hurt. >_


Nov. 28th, 2004 08:25 am (UTC)
whoa, nice benefits!

Sounds like an awesome job, congrats Jess!