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so i'm actually going to be living here for at probably the next year? hoo boy. my dad is never happy with anything i do. he argued with my method of moving stuff from room to room. i figured, if i sort the stuff and then move only what i want, then it's easier, cause then we have garbage separate already. but no, he wants everything moved, then i can determine what to keep after it's all stacked up in my new room. whatever. he also wanted me to kick julie out of the room and not let her sleep on me, but i said, screw that (not to him), she's never slept without someone, and besides, she falls asleep before i do.

still no word from the store. at this rate, it's hardly worth it anymore. rads is coming in less than two weeks, and then i'll be gone for 6 weeks. can't wait!

so yesterday i trekked out to edgewater because i wanted to go to Mitsuwa, which entails checking out the toy store, book store (Kinokuniya), supermarket, and getting lunch. Kinokuniya was closed for inventory! i have to pick the one day out of the year that they are going to be closed! rah. all i wanted was some new manga and perhaps a new cd, but no, they have to be closed.

i am so lonely. i only had a couple of pretty good friends in high school, and i've kind of fallen away from all of them. i don't know how i'm going to survive this whole living in new jersey thing.