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i pity da foo

yesterday i got called in to cover for someone who called in sick. hm... 8 hours x ~$9 per hour ≈ $72 before taxes. woo.

today is: June 7
Rachel comes on: June 17
My flight is: June 20
Jess is: excited

ooooooh... mib video on vh1 RIGHT NOW. the best part of the video is when the alien chickie breaks his ray-bans, and that disgustingly cute little girl gives him hers. so cannot wait for this movie to come out.

must work on rooms again some more... since i got officially NOTHING done yesterday. kings called at 9:30 and i went in at 10. after working for 8 hours, your feet give out and all you can do is sit and watch secrets of forensic science on TLC.