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This is mostly just because it's sitting on my desk reminding me:

I am officially a member of Sony's Gamer Advisory Panel. I got a little certificate, which says that "as an expert gamer, the owner of this certificate is helping to shape the future of gaming." Woot, i feel special. They also sent me a game folio/binder, too. At least a $10 value, for absolutely nothing. hurray.

It's supposed to maybe snow tomorrow. Again. ><

And since my parents are insane and driving out to WA in order to welcome rick back into life as a civilian, I'm all by myself.

Well, the animals are here, too.

But cats and ferrets don't help shovel snow. >_<

Right now, the intarweb is saying from 6-11" at school, and 6-10" here. Um. Yay activity points and cardio?
*prays for a snow day Tuesday*