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jess is a big dork

ok, so there was a bit of confusion over days of the week (shut up, shut up, shut up!), but i'm better now. i now realize that jeffry wanted a day to chill before his flight. and i have to go in to the city on monday, not tuesday. i have to find the travel brochure. it is somewhere in the explosion of stuff that is my room. rah. or maybe i put it in the folder of cty info. no, that would make too much sense.

mmm, burritos for lunch. well, they won't be done for another 20 min...

this next paragraph will mean nothing to any of my friends: i watched the last two episodes of saber marionette j today. i was bawling, and then everything was better again. yey! lime is too genki for her own good, but i still like cherry.


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Jun. 12th, 2002 12:41 pm (UTC)
she said it....it must be true!
You even admit to being a dork! Glad we got all the points of confusion (points of Confuscious?) cleared up. Would this be the "travel brochure" that I spent like 2 hour in Banneker creating? I can't find mine either. But you just had it e-mailed to you last night, so it's all good.
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