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There is nothing to give you a good feeling of humility like utterly collapsing while attempting a yoga pose. Heh. I was in the middle of a workout with Yourself!Fitness (I've mentioned it before- it's a virtual personal trainer program- comes for PC, PS2, or XBOX). Maya (the trainer) had me doing this really tough move- called the Half Moon. You're balancing on one foot as you lower your torso parallel to the ground, then you rotate your torso so your chest is perpendicular to the ground. And raise one hand over your body straight up into the air, using the other hand to attempt to keep your balance on the ground.

Well, anyway, my balance sucks. So, while I'm there, balancing on a yoga brick, suddenly, boom! I'm on the ground. Which struck me as very funny, and I started laughing. ^_^ My mom was worried about me, because all she heard was the crash on the ground.
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