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Jun. 22nd, 2005

There is yet another new member to Jess's iPod family.

Last night, Jess purchased a 30 GB iPod Photo. It is named, quite as creatively as the rest of her iPods (Jess's Shuffle, Jess's iPod, and Jess's Apple Store iPod ((That's the "loaner" from work)) ) "Jess's iPod Photo". It has been loaded with both music and pictures, and seems to like its new home very much.

(Only reason Jess sprung for the Photo instead of a Mini is because 1) she has too much music to fit on a mini... as cute as the blue ones are... and 2) Yay employee discounts. Not only did Jess get the Refreshed price on her iPod (that means it was open box... someone bought it and returned it. Oddly enough, Jess is the one who put the return through on 5/6/05 O_o), there's also an employee fire sale, meaning that on top of the refresh price, there's an additional 15% discount. Yaaaay. So Jess got a 30 GB iPod Photo for $250ish instead of $349. She can cope. ^_^

Wow, was any of that in English? Does that make sense?
Jess should eat breakfast. She went for a 2.5 mile run/walk this morning, and has yet to put any nutrition into her body. It probably doesn't like that.
/dies of starvation