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Jun. 28th, 2005

Well, I have had the weirdest day.

It was all quite normal for a bit... I slept sort of late, got up, watched tv and had breakfast. Took the car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. Also got the fuel injectors cleaned. ( I was overdue). Then I went to work. yay, work. Blows my mind how fast 8 hours can go when it's busy in there. I sold 2 computers, but my attaches sucked.

Our new shirts at the store are lime green. They hurt my eyes. O_o

Our new back to school promo is quite kick-ass.

Then, after I got out of work, my car wouldn't start. ; ; Battery had died. :( So I had to hunt down a security guy. They came back with the jump kit, and jump started my car for me. I then went for a little drive to charge it back up, and went to the grocery store. I saved $20!

Oh yeah, party at jess's house for the next 3 weeks. Parents are on cross-country road trip.