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things to do tomorrow:

1) go for another run?
2) get the car inspected!!!!!!!111!!! must be done tomorrow or else ? i dunno what happens. As a result of this, go early, as everyone else will be trying to get in at the last minute too.
3)start organizing/cleaning my room- annie's cage, start sorting clothes
4) uh, not be bored. O_o I was bored today.

Jeffry- Khihii is now lvl 6. Yay. Also, Cher was practicing her woodworking- raised that 3.5 levels today. Huzzah.

You know, I had my weigh-in today. I was up 1.2 pounds, and I'm fine with that. As I see it, it's a hormonal thing right now. I'm finally settling back in again after being plateaued for 2 months. When I first started, I was in this pattern, too- down for 3 weeks, up for 1. And I've been down the last 5 weigh-ins, so this is all fair. I figure what's 1.2 when I'm still down 51.8. O_o

And dammit, I can run for 25 minutes straight now. 7 weeks ago, I barely could make 1.


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Jun. 30th, 2005 01:00 am (UTC)
Hurray for Khihii!

Muscle is denser (and there-fore heavier) than fat is. You've been running a lot more recently, which will increase your muscle mass. That's prolly the reason that you're up 1.2 pounds.

Good work on all that!

FFXI this morning? This time we mean it?
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