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So last week, how I was all accepting that I had gained 1.2 lbs as a result of um... girl things? Yay. This week, I was back down again 2. Despite being really really bad all week. So I have a net loss of .8 lbs over the past 2 weeks. And a grand total of *trumpet fanfare* 53.8 gone so far. 1.2 more till I get another star for my bookmark (stars every 5 pounds) and 25% of the original jess is gone, and then 4 more till I go down another points range (etoilepaix is prolly the only one who knows what that means), and then another pound and my BMI will no longer be in the "obese" range, it will only be "overweight." Oh, the strange things you can get excited about.

Wow, that was like the longest, most poorly written run-on sentence EVAR.
Tags: weight loss
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