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HP & t HBP = done

oh em gee.

Where to start?

It's just weird seeing Hermione and Ron hook up with classmates. Cause they so should be together. In the next one, they're gonna start going out. Just wait and see. Hermione so wants him. Poor Ginny, tho, breaking up w/ Harry because of Voldemort. :(

We always knew that Snape was evil, now we have the evidence.

Luna... doing the commentary at the Quidditch match. Hilarious.

I'm so going to beat up JK Rowling... Poor Dumbledore. My hero... :(

Alas, earwax.

Nice to see Dobby come back, tho.

I want my apparition license.

And finally, OH MY GOD, I AM SO GOING TO KILL MALFOY. What a prick.
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