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race = done

finished my 5k race today in 35:55. Go me! New personal record! (Well, first official personal record, in as much as it was my first race......)

it was hot as all hell when i went to register. then, we had a thunderstorm kick in, and the temperature dropped- no exaggeration here- about 20 degrees.

My number was 303. That's cause I registered months ago- April or May, I forget.

davitant, I'm sorry, no one had a camera. Tiger Paw Images may at some point have a very icky looking photo of me about mile marker 2, but ew. You will also be able to find my name in the race results at Compuscore... I'm number 1241.
Random statistic time:
My total time was 35:55
My average pace per mile was 11:34
My place among all women 458/519
My place in my age group F25-29:52/59

woooooo, I wasn't last!!!!!
Tags: running

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