Jess (lieutfaber) wrote,

Katrina thoughts

This is terrifying. I do have to admit that the city planner of New Orleans was an idiot. I do not understand why you would build a city in such a location- it was basically originally swampland, and the only way to ensure enough land was to dam up the lake.

The destruction scares me. A lot. I can't believe that basically the entire city is underwater. I saw on the news some houses where only the roofs were left above water.

I don't understand why so many people stayed. There was plenty of warning. Everyone should have been able to look at the weather forecasts, and seen "Oh, there's a category 5 hurricane COMING STRAIGHT FOR US. Maybe we should, oh, I dunno, GET THE HELL OUT." *Sigh* I worry for humanity. I feel sorrow for all of the people who were lost. I don't think I can watch the news anymore because of the interviews. I don't understand why people are complaining about the conditions of the shelters in the Superdome. It at least has most of a roof. You were safe in there for the brunt of the storm. YOU'RE STILL ALIVE. That, to me, would seem to be the key feature here.

I feel frustrated because of the city engineers. I feel embarrassed that the government removed funding from the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project.

I think I am most frustrated and embarrassed that there is only one link on my Yahoo homepage to a story about the 800 Shiites trampled during a pilgrimage.

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