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um.. woohoo?

i am mostly packed. :-D

t - 57360


Jun. 21st, 2002 12:30 am (UTC)
okay so maybe julie isnt a kitten anymore, but she will always be one in my mind.
i took my boyfriend kitten shopping. oh man.. scottish folds are ardorable. figures that a strange cat like me would like only the mutated ones. (i did have a rex.. creepy furless freaks) have fun flying over states. too bad they dont let you open up the windows to spit. i wonder if the force of a luuugeee (i cant spell it) from the altitude of an airplane would kill. evil....
i have orange hair. you will check your journal and see it when i post the picture. you know those safety orange vests that like crossing guards wear.. its like that. run in fear!