Jess (lieutfaber) wrote,


Monday, at 9:00, you must watch Stranded with Cash Peterson on the Travel Channel.

The principle of the show is that they take the host, dump him in a town, with no money and nowhere to stay, and he has to make friends and survive.

This week should be fun.

He's stranded at UMass.

Clips from the commercial- huddled on the Chapel steps in the rain.
Eating in one of the DCs- which one has stone walls inside? It's not Worcester, is it? It's one of the SW ones, right? Prolly the one I never ate in. Or maybe it is worcester... it does look familiar... He's in a frat, and in one of the dorms... cant' tell what it is. And he's in health services. (They're gonna tell him he's pregnant...)
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