Jess (lieutfaber) wrote,

It's not too early for this icon, is it?

I think it's close enough, and dammit, I wanna get some use out of this icon. I made it last year the day of halloween, and then never got to use it... ; ;

Lots of stuff going on at work.

We have a store meeting this Saturday night (ugh, meetings on Saturday nights suck!!!). We don't know officially what it's gonna be about, but I was looking at the rumor sites today... >_>

I've been named the new trainer for our store this new quarter. O_o How the hell did I get put in this position? Also: As a result, I've been given co-head cashier status. So I can do some overrides, and don't have to call up a manager. Huzzah!

Finally, this is a big possible maybe: The other day, the hiring manager was talking to me, and asked, "so this is like your full-time job, huh?" I said yeah, pretty much, I practically live here. He responded, "so what would happen if it were actually full time? Would you like that?" I said, yeah, I think I would.

Annual reviews are coming up soon, so we'll see. *crosses fingers*

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